Most data extraction software differentiate the structure of a document from its content, but not Rossum. It is a cloud solution using artificial intelligence elements that can automatically retrieve invoice information. Unlike the technologies you typically encounter, there is no need to manually create templates and rules for individual fields. Rossum uses self-learning neural networks, imitating the way a person searches for information in a document. Rossum retrieves data without configuring and learns from examples since the first processed invoice.

We create a world without manual data entry. Rossum is an innovative way to implement data into enterprise information systems.

Key features of Rossum

  • Immediate usability
  • “Learns” with new invoices
  • There's no need for an expensive OCR scanner
  • No maintenance and HW structure required
  • Extraction even of invoice items
  • The cloud service also includes a validation web application
  • Preview of invoice and extracted data on one screen
  • Possibility of data validation
  • Possibility to edit data manuals
  • Invoice export
  • Submit invoice for processing

Key features of SAP Rossum Connector

  • Upload invoice to Rossum directly from SAP
  • Simple integration with one web service
  • Automatic pre-acquisition of incoming invoice with the option of direct posting
  • Link to current SAP WorkFlow invoice approval
  • Integration with repositories as SAP Content server, Microsoft, SharePoint, EMC Documentum, OpenText etc.
  • Online data validation, such as the existence of an SAP order for an invoice, the existence of a SAP vendor etc.
  • Possibility of connection to SAP Process Orchestration system