SAP Products & Solutions

SAP products & solutions

Along our existence, we created wide range of products for a wide range of business processes.

Our products, which we already implemented in almost all of the European countries, as well as for example in the USA, Russia or Malaysia, guarantee our customers a high degree of an added value, together with short periods of implementation, ease of maintenance and a subsequent guaranteed life cycle, all concluded in unique business conditions we call Performed by KCT.

In addition to a number of “traditional” on-premise products expanding the functionalities of the standard SAP, we also operate our own cloud service cVerify, allowing easy connection of SAP to online registers of public administration. Continuously, we pay great attention to modern technology so that we can offer our customers the benefits of their early application without the associated risks – in our portfolio, we have a variety of mobile applications based on the SAP Mobile Platform supplied with the Performed by KCT guarantees. Last but not least, in cooperation with the British company AGD Ltd. we’ve developed a comprehensive product for preparing and supporting marketing campaigns based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

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handwriting, inventory, pen


mAsset brings you everything you need for workflow organization of the asset management processes.

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inventory, warehouse, mobile device


mStock covers all the main asset management processes happening in a regular warehouse.

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engineer, headwear, Industry, mobile device


Coherent mobile workforce-management app with thousands of field services users.

text, handwriting, timesheet


An easy way to get insights on your daily activities or to collect all your activities on customer’s engagements.

full approval process, document, signature


Mobile solution for enterprise approving processes in SAP equipped with full offline capability.

electrical wiring, technology, technician


Assembly of large technological units fully trackable in SAP made fast and easy with mobile devices.

joy, skin, electronic device


Have you ever considered the potential of mobile devices in training your employees?

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computer software, monitor


An innovative sales and marketing automation tool built by our team on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

from €4.900
organizational chart, SAP, data

KCT OrgChartViewer

More than just another nice OrgChart it is state of the art landing page for employee processes.

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Simple tool helping to keep SAP technical documentation always clear and up-to-date.

business documents, automated SAP invoicing


Information System Document is a standard for electronic invoicing in the Czech Republic.

keyboard, VAT, backspace

VAT declarations

Submit the .PDF or .XML VAT Return to a competent financial authority in the Czech Republic.

calculator, business, office equipment

Tax report

With minimum effort, you will be able to present your flawless tax return electronically.

Cloud computing, computin, Information technology, Analytics, Data, Big data


cVerify lets you efficiently validate your bussines partner’s credibility in public registry.

scan, invoice, automate


Rossum is an innovative way to implement data into enterprise information systems.