Information System Document is a standard for electronic invoicing in the Czech Republic.

Much was written about the advantages of electronic invoicing and drawbacks of invoices sent in paper form. But we go even further. Ours is the most elegant electronic invoicing solution for the Czech Republic

Our intention is not just “installing the program” for you, but also supporting you in all the activities required for your solution to be implemented.

Key features of ISDOC

  • Electronic exchange of business documents (invoices) – with no additional expenses for processing and distribution of invoices (time, financial and staff savings)
  • Fixed ISDOC(X) document format – providing for versatility of the solution
  • Fully automated SAP processing – invoicing document is automatically created in SAP including attached invoice original and its sending
  • User friendly access to working with documents – quick access to documents from the invoice using Generic Object Services (GOS)
  • Use of “classification” – the document management system (DMS) is directly integrated with the SAP Classification System (CA-CL), this enabling detailed description based on user-defined attributes
  • Fully compliant with standard SAP security – secured access to documents based on authorizations, authorization roles

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is ISDOC?

ISDOC (Information System Document) is a standard for electronic invoicing in the Czech Republic, created by the ICT Unie association (the former Association for Information Society till January 2010). Its support was confirmed by most vendors of ERP systems in the Czech Republic, in public administration (Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Interior), as well as by large enterprises such as SAP and Microsoft. Its advantage is electronic invoicing with no additional costs. The ISDOC specification includes, in compliance with the VAT Act, also electronic signature, which, if issued by a qualified certification authority, fully meets the requirements of an electronic tax document.

How ISDOC can help us in our business?

As a commercially active company, you are part of the value chain, which implies that you invoice your goods/services to your customers, while your suppliers invoice their goods/services to you. Hence it is necessary to receive a supplier invoice and send a customer invoice. Nowadays, 99% of invoices are created by suppliers using computers, while they are processed again in computers by their recipients. Why should not we use computers also to transmit invoices? There are many other ways of electronic invoice sending, for example vie e-mail. However, ISDOC(x) is a technology based on secured electronic document exchange respecting the Czech standards, maximizing automation, and minimizing user interaction – briefly, it is the most efficient option.

Why should we obtain ISDOC solution provided by KCT Data

SAP SE also endorsed the described declaration, however, implementation of the expected functionality is still missing. KCT Data therefore decided to fill in this market gap, with the SAP ERP providing for no automated import/export of ISDOC(x) files, and comes with its own solution.