cVerify lets you efficiently validate your bussines partner’s credibility.

First version of the service, called CEVR (Central Validation Register System), was published in early 2013.However, the technological market’s requirements have been increasing so rapidly, that in the mid 2013, we decided to fully recreate the entire program. Along with that, we also revised the name of the application in order to better express its main purpose- cVerify.

Primary impulse, initiating the creation of cVerify, were legal changes in the tax-payment sphere in Czech Republic. Especially the need to identify unreliable tax-payers, or better- the need to validate their accounts when it comes to transactions higher than 700.000 CZK. But we didn’t just want to come up with a one-time solution for this particular register, which is a path many other SAP developers, and even some of the big support centers took. We wanted to make a solution to the bigger picture. Therefore, to try to minimize the dependency of a SAP customer on services and availability of the public registers.

Customer demands another factor, influencing the program’s development, was the development of the customer’s technological requirements.

cVerify lets you efficiently validate your bussines partner’s credibility within the actual SAP environment. Fully integrated with all the other standard SAP features, indeed.

Key features of cVerify

  • „light“ solution, lowering the long-term costs,
  • off-line mode, including structured data with the ability to forward it,(for ex. if you cannot make changes to the mother’s SAP),
  • secure mode, that does not keep the history of customer’s watched bussines partners,
  • further resources (adresses register RUIAN, and other indexes within SR, and other European countries),
  • other user scenarios, especially data deletion and further validity monitoring,
  • other SAP processes, including the mobility features.