Automating the ABAP technical documentation.

ABAP Doc is a simple tool, available for free in our GitHub repository, that will help you and your developers keep your program documentation always clear and up-to-date. The documentation is in-code and can be accessed directly from ABAP Workbench. It also interacts the ABAP Dictionary with the code comments, resulting in an interface description of a method or function module along with the comments.The information it generates holds also a business-value (by showing “why stuff happen”), and therefore can be useful for project proposals, etc.

What we offer: We shall be glad to support you in introducing a solution, in the testing of which we were involved. Our intention is not just “installing the program” for you, but also supporting you in all the activities required for your solution to be implemented.

As software developers, we are very often overloaded with codes and program documentation, that is hard to keep track of, and even harder to keep up-to-date. Automating the ABAP technical documentation by developing the ABAP Doc tool has saved us a lot of valuable time eversince.

Key features of ABAPDoc

  • Automatic creation and updating of the document
  • Solution opened for further (custom) development
  • Testing, creating test scenarios
  • Training, teaching the solution logic
  • Providing a user manual and setup documentation
  • Standard version is free (for info about supplementary modules and their pricing, please contact us)