Thrive on SAP

SAP information system, to be as functional and prosperous as your company, needs an adequate attention and care, organic development and final touching.

The SAP Systems are organic structures, evolving with new technologies and functionalities all the time. To fully benefit from it’s implementation in Your company, it is vital to always keep tracking all the curent development, and optimizing your work habits to it. Our innovations bring huge ease to that. Thrive on SAP, thrive with us.

For the last 17 years of being a SAP Partner, we help our customers deal with their everyday problems, and innovate the SAP systems they use. We are not afraid to come up with intriguing solutions that can often elegantly solve very complex problems. Thus, we’ve worked for more than 120,000 project days. Scope of our competencies include all standard business processes supported by SAP. Our sector is focused mainly on industrial and utility companies.


We supply our customers’ with implementations of the entire system, any of the modules, roll-outs, and design solutions for specific customer-requirements.One of our core skills is the ability to deliver our customers developmental solutions using the latest functional and technical innovations of SAP. Also, evidenced by regular SAP Quality Awards acknowledgements in the Innovation area.


Our architects and senior consultants usually have 10+ years of international SAP experience, along with deep knowledge of both classic and innovative SAP technologies and systems. They are therefore able to propose some of the today’s market best solutions of the customer’s requirements.

We guarantee the highest possible utilization of SAP standard in both technical and functional part of a delivered solution.

For regional or industry-specific requirements, that standard functionalities of SAP systems may not cover, we develop our own products with the quality and guarantees that comply standards of any SAP product.

Quality is not just an empty word for us – besides certifications and methodologies, we have developed practical tools of everyday use like ABAPdoc, motivating developers to perform in a high-quality and transparent development. Another handy tool is BPMN converter, allowing the BPMN tool to analyze existing, and often already confusing SAP Business Workflows, ccBPM processes and integration scenarios.


Our products, which we already implemented in almost all of the European countries, as well as for example in the USA, Russia or Malaysia, guarantee our customers a high degree of an added value, together with short periods of implementation, ease of maintenance and a subsequent guaranteed life cycle, all concluded in unique business conditions we call Performed by KCT.

Along our existence, we created wide range of products for a wide range of business processes. In addition to a number of “traditional” on-premise products expanding the functionalities of the standard SAP, we also operate our own cloud service cVerify, allowing easy connection of SAP to online registers of public administration. Continuously, we pay great attention to modern technology so that we can offer our customers the benefits of their early application without the associated risks – in our portfolio, we have a variety of mobile applications based on the SAP Mobile Platform supplied with the Performed by KCT guarantees. Last but not least, in cooperation with the British company AGD Ltd. we’ve developed a comprehensive product for preparing and supporting marketing campaigns based on SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

Carry on SAP

SAP system, on order to serve you well, requires adequate attention paid to it’s technical condition, to the way minor productive modifications are being made, as well as acknowledgement of the user experience feedback.

Doing so provides you with the highest possible optimization of working with the system, and a guarantee of long-term reliability of it. We ain’t new to the area – providing long-term pan-European services to customers like Zeiss, Ferrero, Deutsche Bahn, Schweizerische BundesBahnen, Kaufland, etc. – we can offer our Service-desk support to Your company as well.

24/7 System monitoring

For our customers, we provide monitoring and preventive maintenance of crucial SAP systems. The monitoring service is typically provided on 24/7 basis. Various aspects of monitoring services can be adjusted to comply with the customer’s specific requirements.

User and System Admin SAP courses

NWe offer a wide scope of training courses for economists, executive managers, human resource managers, manufacturing and logistics executives, as well as IT experts. Our courses are designed both for professionals and beginners, with high emphasis on intensive communication with participants about the problems they particularly encounter and options for solutions, clarificating all aspects of a specific transaction or process, and discussing problematic points. Where circumstances allow, we excersise treatments of practical examples. The courses comprise an optimal combination of best practices, innovations and legislative context.

Operational Support

We provide design and implementations of solutions to common change requests from our customers. The service is typically provided in Time & Material mode to the agreed extent, or reaction time, while with the individual requirements, we guarantee an insurmountable labor intensive.

KCT Service Desk

For all problems and incidents that may happen during operational use of the SAP systems, we can take full responsibility. The KCT Service-Desk is also provide d in 24/7 mode with a guaranteed minimum processing time of the incident. Usually, the service is associated with prophylactic activities, training activities and the implementation of change requests, so that our practical knowledge of customer’s environments efficiently provide not only respond, but usually precede unusual situations. The service is mainly used by our customers for technical support (see also 24/7 system monitoring), legislative timeliness of HR including payroll processing, integration processes and scenarios as well as production logistics and accounting modules.


  • DB Schenker

    DB Schenker together with DB Bahn and DB networks, form the three brands of Deutsche Bahn AG providing all transportation and logistics services of the DB Group.

  • Carl Zeiss AG

    Carl Zeiss AG is a German manufacturer of optical systems, industrial measurements and medical devices.

  • Foxconn

    Foxconn Technology Group, is a Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company.

  • RWE

    RWE offers energy and disposal from one source.

  • DHL

    DHL is the global market leader in the logistics industry.

  • DEL a.s.

    The joint-stock company DEL was established in December 1995. It originated from a former electro-technical division of Žďas a.s. with 120 employees.

  • Kaufland‎

    Kaufland‎ is a German hypermarket chain, part of the Schwarz Gruppe which also owns Lidl and Handelshof.

  • ČEZ

    ČEZ Group (Czech: Skupina ČEZ České Energetické Závody) is a conglomerate of 96 companies (including the parent company ČEZ, a.s.).

  •  …and over 400 others.

Drive your future with us

Sorry, but we have positions only for candidates from the Czech Republic.

About us

We founded the KCT Data company in 1999, and from the very beginning we focused on providing consulting, developmental and service support within fields of SAP.

Ever since, we’ve invested a lot of effort especially into the training of new talents. Gradually, we’ve developed into an important Czech SAP Partner and thanks to our innovative work, we closely co-operate with SAP SE on a global scale as well.

Within the SAP industry, we provide a full range of services. We’re experienced practitioners – most of our people have >10 experience with SAP development. Our architects, project managers, consultants and developers have extensive experience from large international projects, as well as with work on minor adjustments to the SAP system in the Time & Material mode. Our long-term concept lays on working on acquisitions and development of new talents. Today, many highly experienced and respected “grown-up” experts, joined us in their final years of studies at the university. The direct result of our work with talents is the fact that our best people work with the company for the longest time.

We actively follow new trends and technologies of SAP – eg. in the SAP Mobile Platform area, we involved in development of some breakthrough mobile applications thanks to participating on the ramp-up program of SAP projects. Finally, being one of the first SAP partners in Europe, we won the contract to develop a comprehensive solution based on technology SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP UI5 / Fiori.

Employees of our service desk work on verifying SLA 24/7 service for demanding customers with a global presence like Ferrero, Zeiss, Deutsche Bahn, Schweizerische Bundesbahnen, Kaufland, Skoda-Auto, RWE, DHL, etc. For bigger customers and projects, we are establishing customer-teams that allow us to provide support focused on the actual severity of the problems, not only to adhere the agreed parameters.